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Please help support the Reflecting Nature in art & science charity by purchasing limited edition digital prints


Logo design: Mark Ware

Since May 2016, a new collection of sixteen prints created by Mark Ware has been touring England.  The exhibition, entitled Reflecting Nature, is an art science collaboration between Mark and Dr Nichola Street, a psychologist and lecturer at Staffordshire University.  Together they are investigating why we are drawn to imagery of nature and to symmetrical patterns, and how artistic interpretations of these two things can have an enhanced effect on the brain.  The sixteen art prints are available for sale as UNFRAMED high resolution limited editions that can be purchased here. Money raised through sales of this art will go to the new Reflecting Nature in art & science charity (Reflecting Nature in art & science is a charity in law seeking registration with the Charity Commission). Please add an additional £5.00 for postage outside of the UK.  For more information about the limited edition Reflecting Nature prints, please write to us using the contact page.

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