Logo copyright Kent Wildlife Trust / Photos: Mark Ware
Logo copyright Kent Wildlife Trust   Photos: Mark Ware

Kent Wildlife Trust is a wavelength project partner. The Trust aims to work with people at all levels to bring about a renaissance of our natural heritage through the local and national programme of a Living Landscape and Living Seas.

Stevie Rice, Head of People Engagement at Kent Wildlife Trust says, ‘Kent Wildlife Trust believes all our lives are better when they’re a bit wild.  We want people to feel connected to nature because when we feel connected to something we care more about it.  We want people to get outdoors and find out for themselves just how good nature can make them feel.  We also want to share with people the wonder and beauty that nature and its rich array of wildlife offers.

Stevie Rice / Photo: Mark Ware
Stevie Rice   Photo: Mark Ware

‘At Kent Wildlife Trust, we believe that there are strong links between nature, wellbeing and creativity.  We design programmes that engage with people and communities, inspiring them to care for and connect with nature.

‘We are actively supporting the wavelength project as it illustrates Kent Wildlife Trust’s core values – passion, inspiration, collaboration, ambition and information.

‘The wavelength project is providing a platform on which we can demonstrate how closely connected science, nature and art are. The project is highlighting how integral nature is to our own well being, our ability to problem solve, our insight, imagination, propensity for adaptation, curiosity and our divergent thinking.

‘My role, as the Head of People Engagement at Kent Wildlife Trust means that I have the opportunity to bring some of my key passions to this project. I worked in the arts for 20 years and in that time spent a considerable amount of time working with disabled and Deaf artists, young people and in community engagement. A personal interest in health and well being led me to train as a professional hypnotherapist last year. Now at Kent Wildlife Trust I have the opportunity to demonstrate how important the natural world is in shaping and defining us.’